Your First Bespoke Suit, Perfect For Any DC Event

There are many things to be said about wearing a bespoke suit. A Bespoke suit by Michael Thomas Clothiers flatters every wearer, never goes out of style, and has the power all on its own to imbue a sense of confidence and prominence in even the humblest of men. When you wear one of our bespoke suits, you will feel like a king amongst men.

Our unique, impeccably tailored suits are by no means “immediate”, as you can’t just purchase one off the rack. For the perfect bespoke suit, you will work with us in every step of the process. We will make sure that we see eye-to-eye so you can ask for every little detail you want, and we will deliver it, that is, and amazing suit.

For your first suit, it wouldn’t hurt to study up on the different materials that you may choose from. All be it, there is an overwhelming amount of fabrics to choose from; but since this will be your first suit from us, we’ll keep it simple. Your suit, since it is to be your first bespoke, should stand up to different seasons in order to be versatile. It will be light as so you don’t overheat, but heavy enough where it will keep you warm on chill evenings in DC.

Now the tough question; one piece or two? Traditionally, two-piece suits are less formal which is just a jacket and matching pants. Whereas a three-piece suit is more formal as it is a bespoke jacket, pants and a vest. Our three-piece suits can be worn to more elegant events such as dinner parties and weddings, perfect for DC cocktail parties, and it will keep you warmer! Our three-piece suits can also turn into a more casual two-piece. We recommend a three-piece as it is very versatile.

From here there are many other options to choose from; what kind of lapel do you prefer? Cuff on the pants? Do you like a vent in the back, if so single or double? If you don’t want a cuff what degree of break would you like? Shoulders? Tapered? Single or Double breasted? Inner pockets? The degree to which we can create a bespoke suit truly makes it a one of a kind.

If you’re ready to be a king amongst men, call us today at 202-525-3391 and our family will treat you as family. With us, it’s not just a suit; it’s an experience.