Winter Is Coming! What To Look For When Getting A Suit..

It’s no secret that the D.C area isn’t exactly known for its warm and sunny winters. So on that note, the time is coming to push those lighter linen suit to the back and opt for something with a bit more warmth. The fabric on your suits for the coming months will make all the difference when you are forced to bear the Capital cold while still looking your best and stylish. Here at Michael Thomas Clothiers, we refuse to make warmth look “boring”!

Just as in the flexibility of a summer suit, we apply the same creativity and style to cold weather clothes. First and foremost, no suit is ever perfect for year-round weather. For instance, a fabric that breathes and keeps you cool in the summer, will basically flash freeze you as you walk the streets downtown. That isn’t the most comfortable thing you can do. This is true with winter suits, in the summer, you will be miserably hot. Some can get away with it in a temperate climate, but not here in Washington DC.

This all comes down to the type of material that is used. You want something made of a thicker, heavier fabric to keep you warm and toasty. A popular option is the use of Wool. Wool remains to this day as one of the most common and popular winter suit fabrics. Wool is a very versatile fabric; it drapes nicely, maintains its form, and can be spun as loose or tight as you want. One popular type of Wool is called Worsted Wool, it is known to have a shiny quality and gives it a sporty ad light look.

Another popular material is Cashmere. Cashmere is one of the most coveted and luxurious fabrics on the market today. It is known for its extraordinary softness, comfort, and of course warmth. One relative drawback is that the material itself is expensive and not as durable. So, to combat this, it is very common to blend Cashmere with Wool to have unsurpassed warmth and durability.

Tweed is also a great fabric that has a unique and timeless look. It is made from wool, but is differentiated as it is made by combining three different types of colored wool. Like Wool, Tweed is thick, warm, water resistant, and durable. Some of the downsides is that it is naturally a heavier suit and can be slightly rough to the touch.

Flannel is another popular winter material. Traditionally it was meant for an older crowd, but it has been gaining popularity recently and reinventing itself for they stylish modern man. Flannel is made from a special spin of wool, so like tweed, it too is a heavier suit and may not be comfortable in the office environment. Of the wool materials, Flannel tends to be more stylish and prized.

If you are in need of a winter suit, call us today at 202-525-3391 for an appointment; as cotton, polyester, linen, seersucker, chambray, and fresco, as these will induce endless shivering.