Why Everyone in Washington DC Needs a Bespoke Suit

Why Everyone in Washington DC Needs a Bespoke Suit

When it comes to bespoke suits, some men are left in the dark for most of their lives, some will even go their entire lives without ever owning one. First and foremost, don’t let that be you! It’s time to get that bespoke suit. Your style is unique to you and it deserves to stand out from the crowd.

Before purchasing your first bespoke suit, there are a few things we will go over with you that you need to consider. First and foremost, what is this suit for? Is this for a special occasion or for everyday wear? How exactly do you want it to fit and what type of cut? How many buttons? If you aren’t sure of these answers, do not worry! We will walk you through every step.

The chances of a suit fitting you perfectly right off the rack is very slim at best. A fair amount of people out there feel that off the rack suits will suffice, but you are unique in your fitting. So rather than compromise, purchase a suit that is made for you. A Michael Thomas client deserves a custom fit that delivers the ultimate style and comfort and makes him stand out.

The most important aspect for bespoke suits, is the fit. Be sure to consider not just the look, but how it feels. We will ensure that the suit fits at your shoulders and chest, and the length is right. Extra fabric is the enemy.

We will walk you through what kind of cut you would like; American? British? Italian? We can walk you through subtle prints that we carry. We will help you with your lapels; thick or thin? We will show you what a two button vs. a three button looks like. We will show you different linings we carry; from subtle to bright and vibrant. We will also walk you through vents and accessories. This experience is meant to be fun and not nerve racking, so we promise you are in good hands.

Your bespoke suit is truly an investment; like a luxury car, your suit should be well taken care of. When it is, it can last for years to come. So if you are ready for your own luxury suit, call us today at 202-525-3391 to set up your fitting!

Please join us the week of October 16th for our Trunk show as we present our Fall fabrics and Fall Promotions! We will be hosting this show all week from 8:30am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday. Weekends and evenings are by appointment only. We can’t wait to show you our Fall collection!