Vitale Barberis Canonico

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The Barberis family traces its involvement in the textile business back to 1663

For over three centuries without a break, this remarkable family has maintained an unshakeable commitment to the business, creating strong ties between factory, family and the local community. Today, it is the largest producer of high quality cloths in all of Italy.

Men love their custom suits made from fabric woven by Vitale Barberis Italy. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Woven, dyed and finished fabrics for exclusive applications in men’s wear, from wool, cashmere and mohair. 

Vitale Barberis believes that a man’s suit must demand a certain rigorousness, however, shouldn’t lead to stiffness. The fabrics used for suits must be resilient, especially for the trousers. If the Vitale Barberis suit is considered prose, a jacket on its own has a touch of poetry. The fabrics used offer space for an emotion which requires musicality and rhyme, resulting in harmony among the materials.