While a classic, well-crafted silhouette will be stylish on any businessman, savvy businessmen keep in touch with current fashion trends. For this spring, the new look is a much leaner silhouette than we’ve seen in several years. Designers are translating the current economic concerns into a sleek, streamlined look. It’s a movement toward a minimalist look, in keeping with the national desire for a fresh start in business, after the last few years of fiscal uncertainty.

This trend has led to softer shoulders and slightly shorter jackets, which lay flatter on the chest. Many trouser designers have eliminated front pleats and even cuffs, while dress shirts are tending toward a classic, old-school look. Technological developments in suit fabrics have translated to light-weight options that have greater ease, allowing comfort in a closer fit.

Accessories are also seeing changes. Shoes are taking slimmer lines to complement the current suit silhouettes. Most designers are crafting ties from three to three and a half inches wide.

As you keep an eye on these trends, remember to keep the larger picture in focus. Your ensemble should coordinate with your body type, personality, and business habits. When those are all in synch, your wardrobe choices will fit not just the current fashion ideas, but your lifestyle as well.


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