The Benefits of Custom Dress Shirts From An Expert Tailor

Custom Dress Shirts DCAlmost every department store carries a wide variety of dress shirts in basic sizes. However, not everyone is built the same. It can take hours of searching to find the proper proportions to fit your body. In addition to size, the quality of the material used in standard dress shirts can be less than appealing.

Fortunately, there are other options. Custom made dress shirts are specially designed and made just for you. When you order a custom dress shirt you get to choose the fabric, cuff style, collar as well as many other intricate details. The shirt is made according to your individual sleeve, waist, chest and collar measurements.

Benefits of custom dress shirts include:

  • -Completely personalized
  • -Perfect fit
  • -Increased value and quality

Custom dress shirts can be completely personalized to suit your individual preferences. Every single detail of your dress shirt can be customized including the fabric, color, design, style, collar, cuff shape, pocket shape and buttons. When you have the freedom to choose the details of your dress shirt you gain the ability to build a distinctive and flexible wardrobe, making it possible to add your own personal style to every outfit that you wear.

When you order a custom made dress shirt, your measurements will be taken in order to create a dress shirt that fits you perfectly. Precise measurements are Womens Custom Dress Shirtstaken of your collar size, sleeve length, yoke, chest, waist, hip, biceps, forearms and wrists. Allowances will be made for any characteristics that are difficult to quantify such as concave chest areas, sloping shoulder areas and roundness of the back. Attention to these intricate details helps to create a dress shirt that is both comfortable and flattering.

When you get to choose the special features for your custom dress shirt, you create a shirt that is extremely well-made and durable, increasing its overall value and quality. Customizable features that can add value include adding French seams or gussets. French seams hide threads, preventing them from becoming broken or caught. Gussets inserted at stress points, such as the bottom side seams, can prevent them from splitting over time.

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