Suit Up: You’re Going Places

Admittedly, suits have never really been out of style, but there have been times where they haven’t been “cool” (or what would have, in previous eras, been considered “groovy,” “dapper” or “smart”). But today’s young gentlemen take to the streets wearing the suits styling’s of their grandfathers, including everything from three piece suits to bow ties.

Variety is critical, depending on a multitude of factors. Are you in the financial business? Then, your office place will expect different attire than a lawyer’s office would. Is your shape very muscular and broad in the shoulders? Then, you will need the right fit and appropriate cut to accommodate your size for the best appearance and comfort. This is why a custom wardrobe consultation meets the individual needs of every professional who walks through our doors.

The truth is, business is no longer a casual experience. And don’t let your “casual” work environment fool you. Men and women who dress at the level of their colleagues benefit from camaraderie, while those professionals who dress a slight step above their peers benefit from being seen as qualified for career growth. Dress up, not just to fit in, but to gain a clear competitive advantage.

Custom tailored clothing can assist you with this goal. By utilizing a professional clothier, you will quickly gain traction in your own career growth and accelerate your professional progress. The power of an updated, upgraded and custom fitted and styled wardrobe silently speaks volumes. Not just suits. At Michael Thomas Clothiers, we fit men and women with custom selected accessories like French-cuff dress shirts, distinctive cuff links, high-quality neckties and classic shoes to present a complete visual package.

We invite you to come visit our showroom today for your personal consultation! The showroom will be open in two weeks, and located at 1300 Eye Street NW, Washington D.C. 20005.