Stand Out from the Crowd: Dress for Success

Once upon a time, any American could achieve the life he or she had always dreamed of. The formula was simple: study hard in high school, graduate from college, get a great job in an industry you love… and from there, the world was yours.

Nowadays, it’s not quite so simple. The economy has been stagnant for more than two years now. Credit card and student loan debt levels have skyrocketed. And most devastatingly, professionals and college graduates have been unable to secure the jobs they expected to find available.

Skyrocketing unemployment has ratcheted up competition for entry-level jobs—but also for the more prestigious positions that many professionals desire.

As the pool of qualified candidates for employment continues to rise, it can be harder and harder for individuals to stand out.

Therefore, it is more important than ever for professionals to leverage every point of differentiation that is available to them.

And one of the most significant points of differentiation can be the way that you are dressed. Dressing in a manner that reflects your abilities, your commitment, and your ambition will separate you from others in your industry.

At Michael Thomas, we understand the importance of the impression you create. We understand that your appearance may be the factor that determines whether or not you land your dream job—or get the promotion you have been chasing for years.

That’s why we spare no efforts to ensure that your image positions you in the best possible light. We offer meticulously hand- tailored clothing and accessories in luxurious fabrics. We take detailed body measurements, which ensure that Michael Thomas Clothiers’ garments will fit you perfectly and enhance your physique. We provide you with an array of fabrics in numerous hues—and we’ll help you choose the shades that bring out your best. You’ve invested in many areas to get to where you are today. Let us help you choose clothing that is timeless, classic and reflects your ambition and your ability.

When you utilize a professional clothier, you will quickly gain traction in your career growth and accelerate your professional progress. The power of an updated, upgraded and custom fitted and styled wardrobe speaks volumes. Whether it is a classic suit, accessories, dress shirts, neckties, shoes, sport coats, or any number of wardrobe elements, at Michael Thomas we have the selection you need to create the right impression.

It’s not enough to look “okay.” If you expect to rise to the top in your career, you need to look the part. Many people assume that, once they secure the position they have dreamed of, they’ll begin to dress appropriately. What they don’t realize is that, by failing to look the part, they have dramatically reduced their chances of success. Don’t make that mistake! Visit Michael Thomas today and let us bring out the best in you.

Invest in yourself—dress for success! Scheduling your appointment today just may be the best career decision you’ll ever make.