Bespoke Shirts

In the busy nation’s capitol, professionals and socials like are adamant about having clothing with a comfortable fit, high-quality fabric and a keen eye for every detail. Not only do handcrafted Bespoke shirts present a clean and polished first impression, they are perfect for many occasions whether it be the dining room or the courtroom. When one is searching for a clothier to craft custom made shirts, it is important to rely on an experienced and innovative stylist armed with expert tailoring services.

After over 35 years in the garment industry, the quality of Michael Thomas Clothiers’ custom Bespoke shirts is recognizable. From the tailored fit, personalized monogramming, and customizable collar and cuff styles, our custom dress shirts will keep one looking sharp for many years. Our team prides itself on putting customer satisfaction first, ensuring that every client looks their best while wearing our handcrafted clothing. Ranging in price from $145 to $570 with 300 different fabric choices, the only thing limiting the possibilities is one’s imagination!

Custom Made Shirts Styled Your Way

Whether it is thanks to a change in weather, career, or social situation, Washingtonians always have more than enough reasons to give their closets a makeover. The skilled stylists at Michael Thomas Clothiers work alongside clients to understand their needs, styling preferences, and vision. We then combine the client’s personal tastes with our master tailoring to create a striking Bespoke shirt for any occasion.

As all of our custom dress shirts are handcrafted, the client can rest assured that they are getting a garment that suits their physique and style. During the free initial consultation, Michael Thomas Clothiers will take over 15 measurements and photos to guarantee a fantastic fit. We will also showcase our 300 various fabrics (in an endless number of hues) one can choose from, including a wide array of Sea Island cottons from Italy and England. Keeping the three secrets to custom clothing in mind (fabric, silhouette, and detailing), our expert tailors will then plot, cut, and hand-sew the Bespoke shirt using state-of-the-art technology.

Custom Dress Shirts Tailoring

Michael Thomas Clothiers’ is proud to provide clients with the best fitting custom shirts, while paying close attention to even the smallest details. Our master tailoring service can alter any Bespoke shirt to fit one’s desired sizing and styling specifications, whether it was designed in our Washington DC showroom or by another vendor.

Michael Thomas Clothiers allows the customer to be in the drivers seat when it comes to personalizing their garment’s look. One can completely customize the detailing on our Bespoke shirts, including the monogramming, button and thread color, as well as the choice of collar, cuff style, and contrasting inner linings.

Have a custom shirt that doesn’t quite fit, is aged around the edges, or simply needs a bit of life? Fear not, we have a fashionable solution for you! Not only can we replace worn or outdated cuffs and collars, Michael Thomas will fix the sloppy tailoring job your last clothier performed for a perfect fit!

Customize Your Bespoke Shirt With a Free Consultation

With such a significant professional background in fashion and alterations, Michael Thomas Clothiers is dedicated to providing each client with a warm atmosphere and interactive styling process. Our expert tailors have the insight and skill to craft the best Bespoke shirt in DC, both in terms of fit and quality. Learn more about how we can create a custom wardrobe for your unique style by calling us at 202-525-3391 and booking a free consultation! Custom dress shirts from Michael Thomas Clothiers are a mark of sophistication one can’t afford not to carry with them!