The white shirt, elegant in its simplicity, is an essential element in every gentleman’s wardrobe. A fresh canvas, a white shirt can be painted upon with any color or pattern of necktie and worn simply with everything.   Whether it’s properly pressed and crisply accenting a pinstriped suit or worn wrinkled with a pair of faded jeans, the white shirt is about as classic of a fashion icon as they make. 
Custom tailored white shirts offer superior workmanship since there are no patterns to conceal anything less.  Tailored shirts also excel in fit, comfort and personalized style.  French cuff or button barrel cuffs, in button down, point or spread collar, the welcome white shirt is as flattering on any man as a tuxedo is.  It’s been said that every man needs a white dress shirt.  But more than that, he should aspire to one.  It can reach the pinnacle of elegance.
The white shirt is the number one selling shirt color in the world, and gaining ground in popularity.  It’s followed closely only by blue.  Everything else, in the way of patterns, stripes, etc. is a distant third. Season after season, year after year, it leads the list of wardrobe staples.

When times are tough men want to be serious about their look.  In a vibrant booming economy many men turned to colorful dress shirts.  Now, in an era of restraint and conservatism, a simple white dress shirt sends a savvy and timely message that a man is seriously ready for work.

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