Bespoke Pants


Although adding a pocket square, tie, or jacket to an outfit is the wearer’s choice, trousers are generally assumed to be the one garment one must don with everything. Store-bought pants often have a baggy, ill-fitting look that can tarnish one’s look (and first impression) in an instant. Instead, by entrusting a reputable clothier to craft custom Bespoke pants one can strut their stuff in a fashion investment that will pay for itself. Boasting over three decades in the fashion industry, Michael Thomas Clothiers knows that there are several expectations to be met when it comes to custom pants. Not only should the trousers be of a superior fabric, but also must fit perfectly to be flattering. Our expert master tailors and stylists work with clients to craft handcrafted Bespoke pants that suit their personal sizing and tastes. The Michael Thomas difference is clearly recognizable; no other Washington DC clothier measures custom clothing more accurately, nor pays as much attention to detail.

Customizing Bespoke Pants Your Way

Unfortunately, finding a great pair of trousers off the rack can be a real challenge. As a garment that one wears on a daily basis, a stylish fabric and flattering fit becomes key. The expert tailoring services at Michael Thomas Clothiers will ensure one’s Bespoke pants are made from our wide array of premium fabrics and distinctive designs, with detailed measurements for a perfect fit. From the initial consultation to the day one’s custom pants are brought home, we work alongside clients to address every detail, need, and preference.   

Tailoring Bespoke Pants

Since fit is a top priority when it comes to pants, a good tailor can be all the difference. Regardless of whether the pants were handcrafted in our DC showroom or in another store, the Michael Thomas Clothier’s expert tailoring can ensure that the custom trousers are flattering down to the last detail. Since all of our Bespoke pants are made in-house, our skilled team also add personalized touches to the garment, such as monogramming or a Snugtex waistband. Michael Thomas Clothiers’ guarantees a perfect fit for every pair of pants we tailor, and invite those with loose or outdated trousers to bring them to Michael Thomas. Even if the pants were store-bought or custom made by another clothier, our master tailors will alter them so one can have the flawless fit and personalized detailing they desire.

Talk Custom Pants With A Stylist For Free

With over 35 years of professional fashion and alteration experience behind us, Michael Thomas Clothiers knows that the customer experience is at the cornerstone of our success. Our innovative and knowledgeable team gives each client a personalized experience, providing one with a seemingly endless list of fashionable possibilities. Find the fit that works for you by contacting us at 202-525-3391 for a free consultation. The Michael Thomas difference is one you (or your closet) can afford to miss!