Five Modern Ways to Wear a Suit

While a custom tailored suit occupies a very serious position in most wardrobes, knowing the possibilities of a variety of ways to wear a new suit can make it more than just a suit; you can re-create the whole image. The key to repackaging the image is to just relax the image of a suit and to create a comfortable unconstrained feeling.

Here are our suggestions for Five Modern Ways to Wear a Suit:
Dress that suit up with a stunning shirt and tie for the board meeting by day.
Switch up the shirts to a luxurious black cashmere, silk, or high-end wool or cotton knit shirt for the opera by night.
On weekends, the trousers on their own pair beautifully with a worn leather jacket or sweater.
Youthful, hipper guys pull the look together with super-refined T-shirts.
Go fancy with the footwear. You’ll see it on the late-night talk shows. Super stylish shoes, exotics and more fashion forward looks make a bold style statement.

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