Meet the Man Behind the Suits: Tom Comeau

Who is Michael Thomas Clothiers? A highly esteemed clothing company that suits men and women up in “a wardrobe that reflects who you are.” The company’s tag line says a lot, but it doesn’t say it all. Michael Thomas Clothiers is also defined by the expertise, sophistication and prestige of the man behind the business – Mr. Tom Comeau.

Simply stated, Tom Comeau’s educational background in fashion design, work experience in the high-style retail industry and his comprehensive training with master tailors makes him the perfect fit to help you find your perfect fit. But Tom is far from simple, so a simple summary of his background will not suffice.

The man behind the suits began his path studying custom clothing at the Men’s Retail Association, followed by Hart Shaffner Marx factory in Chicago. His educational pursuit of fine clothing took him to Mongtomery College next, to obtain a degree in Fashion Design. Finally, Tom became a Fashion Merchandiser, certified by the Menswear Retailers of America. He further built his expertise by training closely with master tailors at Raleigh’s Haberdasher, where he perfected his skills in styling and design, and quickly began winning the recognition of widespread awards.

Tom’s extensive experience offers customers 35 years of tailoring and fashion mastery. Having started in show sales as a teenager, Tom grew to love the fashion industry for its ability to provide customers with an unparalleled cut, style and fit that’s designed with the buyer’s personality and lifestyle in mind. For Tom, it was love at first fitting.

Fabrics, colors, trends… fashion has maintained a central stronghold on Tom’s heart throughout his specialized career. His goal is to introduce custom clothing to his clients that guarantee an appearance of sophistication, elegance and professionalism. That’s exactly what one loyal customer, Samuel has received. “Tom comes to my office, discusses my clothing needs, helps me find fabrics and styles suitable to my needs and budget, and ensures on-time, faultless delivery,” expressed Samuel, “I find that Tom provides fair value for clothes that look and fit far better than average. In addition, the convenience of working with Tom, and of getting the clothes I want on my schedule, is of great value.”

In fact, did you know that Tom makes clothing Redskins rookie, Niles Paul? Catch this sports celebrity at the showroom on Thursday evening October 13th for a Trunk Show to meet and greet. Even if you’re not a sports buff, come out for some social time, food and drinks. If the 13th doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. In mid to late October, Niles will return for the Grand Opening.

Tom’s expertise and precision is behind that, along with his family-based business staff. Leading his wife Lori, son Michael and daughter Kristen, Tom has promised M.T. Clothiers customers only the best in custom tailored professional wear. Take it from a busy and physically-built client, Bill. “Appropriate professional dress is an important part of doing business,” Bill admitted, “47 years of lifting weights has made fitting me a challenge and unfortunately, I have little patience for shopping, color selection, etc. Compounding Tom’s job, is that I have definite ideas about style and fit. This man is a pro in every aspect of his job. Quality product that fits, timely delivery, faithful adherence to scheduled appointments, and cheerful service. I offer my unqualified endorsement of his services.”

We invite you to come to our upcoming showroom and meet Tom Comeau yourself!

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Michael Thomas Clothiers

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