Make That Custom Suit Yours with the Right Accessories

Accessories for menYou don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and nothing makes a man look more sophisticated that a custom made suit. The right accessories infuse a bit of your own style and personality, and really make that custom suit yours.

Choosing a classic suit, in a classic cut and color, will allow you to be a little more adventurous when it comes to men’s accessories, from socks to pocket squares, and cuff links to ties.

A man must always be prepared; it is the Boy Scout way.

If you’re still wearing socks that don’t match or, worse, white gym socks under that custom suit, thinking no one will notice, run; don’t walk to Michael Thomas Clothiers for an update. The wrong pair of socks can send the wrong message about your sense of style and character. Socks should be matched to your shoes, not your pants, and dark colors are always appropriate. Or maybe you’ll want to make a fashion statement — these feet are going places! — with a bold chevron or a graphic print. Whether your feet prefer to blend in or stand out, we have just the pair.

A striking pocket square has the ability to give any jacket an added sense of style and sophistication. Available in numerous fabrics, colors, and patterns to suit a wide variety of tastes, a carefully selected pocket square creates a successful, well-dressed, finished look sure to set a man apart from his peers.

Cufflinks should match your belt buckle and watch, but they should also reflect your own personal style. While formal occasions call for more classic cufflinks, in gold or silver, novelty cufflinks might still fit into your office dress code, and can be an excellent conversation starter. Michael Thomas Clothiers offers a wide variety of cufflinks that are both beautiful and fun, and handmade by designer Jan Leslie.

Perhaps the biggest mistake men make when pairing accessories with their suit is choosing the wrong necktie. A tie can’t just look good on its own; it should also match the color and style of your clothing. When selecting a tie, make sure it fits in proportion to your body type, and features a color and pattern that works well with your shirt and suit.

Whatever your suit accessory needs, Michael Thomas Clothiers — creator of high quality, custom, hand tailored clothing for over 35 years — has just the right piece to complete your look.