Care and cleaning can have a long-lasting impact on the life of your custom clothing. Help your attire enjoy a long life by taking care to store and care for it properly.

Suits should rest for at least 24 hours between wearings. This allows the suit fabric to breathe and return to its original shape. Place the suit coat on a wooden hanger with one to two inches of space between it and its neighbor. If possible, store trousers on a hanger which allows them to hang from the cuffs. When storing on a hanger with a pant bar, check creases and straighten the edges before hanging.

Take your suit to the cleaners once or twice a season to maximize freshness and appearance. Over-cleaning can reduce the life of the suit. Some wrinkles can be reduced by steaming the suit, either by hanging on the back of the bathroom door while running hot water, or with a portable steamer. Be careful to avoid excessive moisture by removing the suit after a few minutes.

Shoes, like suits, need to rest at least a day between wearings. Store your dress shoes on a wooden shoe tree to let them regain their shape, breathe, and shed excess moisture.

Caring for and protecting fine clothing lengthens its usefulness, enabling you to maximize your wardrobe investment.

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