Layering Your Garments In Washington D.C.

There is no other way to say it, winter is here. The days are short and the nights are bitterly cold; wearing different layers of clothes becomes a necessity in order to stay warm and comfortable. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish while doing so.
Layering your look is a absolute essential during the winter months. Beyond this functional role, putting some thought into the color combinations and textures can add variety and individuality to your look, as well as enhancing your options.

Layering certainly isn’t the hardest part of winter fashion to get the hang of, you’re effectively just putting different items of clothes over other items. Despite this, if you don’t know how to layer properly, well then your outfit can very quickly go from good to bad. But don’t worry, if you follow some of our tips and tricks you’ll be layered in the most stylish way possible.

• Each visible layer should be wearable on its own as you may decide to add or remove garments throughout the day.
• Make sure the inner layers aren’t longer than the outer layers.
• Choose only one or two bright colors to conservatively show off your individuality. Mix and match textures as desired.
• Try a turtleneck or mock neck with a cardigan sweater for a little variety and fun.
• Try one of our custom scarves to add some flair.
• Wear less pattern towards your core. For example, if your top coat has a large herringbone tweed, wear a subtler sport coat pattern and a solid colored shirt underneath.
• Consider a raincoat, pea coat, top coat, or leather jacket rather than an overcoat. These options are frequently dressy enough for a suit but casual enough for jeans and knitwear. Shorter coats are more practical for commuting as they do not bunch up at the knee.

No one ever said that staying warm means you have to sacrifice style! Let us help you layer up in your own bespoke way. Call us today at 202-525-3391 to set up an appointment, let us make you style in warmth!