I’m seeing a lot of fat tie knots lately. How do I get that look?

That smart, almost casual, more loosely wrapped European look is generally achieved with either a thicker, heavier weight tie to begin with, or by tying a full knot, sometimes with a combination of the two. You can get extra girth out of any tie with the Half Windsor knot. This look demands to be worn with a spread collar shirt. However, keep in mind the correct collar shapes and tie proportions to compliment your body shape.

The Half-Windsor is the less bulky version of the Windsor knot that supposedly originated shortly after the First World War. There is nothing halfway about the Half Windsor knot. It is the ideal knot for gentlemen who prefer perfect symmetry and balance between their shirt collar points. If you prefer to tie a larger knot make it a Half Windsor.

Although the Duke of Windsor claimed he never tied his tie this way and rejected the credit–this large, handsome knot and its accompanying namesake endures to this day.