How To Mix and Match Clothing For Cool Summer Style

Bespoke Suits in DCSummer has officially arrived and Washingtonians are using the occasion to don fashions that are bright and colorful. Although the ladies may have matching fabrics and patterns within a carefully pieced together outfit, most gents tend to need a little assistance. From the custom Bespoke suit and shirt right down to the accessories, there is a lot for men to think about when mixing varying patterns and colors. 

Mastering the ability to coordinate the right summer outfit is similar to fine-tuning a favorite recipe. Based on one’s individual fit and styling preferences, it is important to remember the “dash of this, dash of that method.” Take it from the experienced Washington DC custom clothiers at Michael Thomas: done incorrectly, one could end up looking more clown-like than fashion forward. Done correctly however, the outcome is sleek, chic, and professional. 

While the specifics will vary from person to person, one can get a great look from mixing colors and patterns by following these simple guidelines: 

Navy Custom SuitStay True to Scale

Gents should always start with the scale of the suit pattern when planning a coordinated outfit using patterned shirts, jackets, pants, and accessories. Pinstripes on a suit are generally placed about 3/8″ apart, making them the perfect compliment to a shirt with a small checked or narrow stripe pattern. Draw one’s eyes inward by adding a tie, bow tie, or pocket square with a wider stripe or small dot pattern.

Keep Coloring Consistent

Typically, the easiest place to start combining patterns is using a monochromatic theme to the most basic pieces of the outfit like the pants or jacket. If one was wearing a navy glen plaid suit, they could really make the tones pop by piecing it with a checkered shirt of a lighter blue color. Take the look a step further by pairing the suit and shirt with a striped tie or bow tie that is darker in color.

Choose Your Main Focus

When mixing and matching patterns, it is important for the wearer to decide whether or not they want the design to be the main focus of the outfit. If yes, it is always a good idea to pair a boldly patterned garment with something that is a solid color.

Pinstripe Custom SuitWhile it is easiest to use monochromatic coloring schemes, one doesn’t always have to. A grey or blue pinstripe sport coat looks fantastic when placed with a brightly colored solid shirt. Doing so will tone down the boldness of the pattern and allow the colors to compliment each other. (One may be able to even get away with playful accessories, too!)

One’s fashion choices tend to follow the same casual attitude that most Washingtonians adopt during the summer months. Fabric colors are bright but mellow, leaving thick tints and heavier fabrics in the back of the closet stored for next winter. Opting for light grey or blue fabrics can give an outfit a refreshing visual appeal, whether one is at a power lunch, corporate event, or enjoying happy hour.

Hone in on your perfect summer style by calling the dynamic team at Michael Thomas Custom Clothiers. With years of experience in the fashion and alteration industries, our master tailors and stylists can assist any client in creating a custom suit, shirt, or sport coat that is perfectly in tune with their unique fit and tastes. Get started with a free consultation today by calling 202-525-3391, your closet will thank you for it!