How a Suit Should Fit: A Guide For Men in Washington DC

A suit that is well-fitted can showcase not only your keen fashion sense but also your attention to detail. A quality suit that is perfectly proportioned Custom Suits For Mento its wearer’s silhouette is an investment that can last for many years. In order to figure out the proper fit for your suit you must know your measurements and have a thorough understanding of what looks are likely to become dated over time.

For many individuals it is impossible to find the perfect suit off the rack. Off the rack jackets are typically sized based only on girth and whether the buyer is long or not. Pants are not available in half sizes although many people fall into these measurements. The best way to avoid common sizing problems is to get measured by an experienced tailor and have a custom suit made just for you.

When figuring out the proper sizing for your jacket, remember that the length should allow for ¼ inch of exposed shirt cuff. If the jacket extends over the back of the hand then it is too long. The drape of the jacket should be fitted without any sagging in the front or a gap between the back of the collar. You should be able to button the jacket comfortably without any puckering or lifting of the lapels. Any creases around the waist indicate that the jacket is too small.

To figure out the proper jacket body length, regardless of your body type, check to see if your knuckles are parallel with the bottom of the jacket. Additionally, if there is any padding in the jacket, make sure that it doesn’t cause the jacket to extend beyond your shoulders.

For a proper fit, trousers should never be baggy or break multiple times on top of the shoe. For a traditional fit, there should be only one very slight break at the shoe. Just like all elements of your suit, pants should be fitted but never tight.

Shirts are an essential part of every suit. For a proper fit, the collar should not be tight but not loose enough to cause a noticeable gap at the neck. Shirt cuffs should sit right at the top of the hand, covering the wrist bone. The shirt should never blouse excessively at the waist as this can make you look heavier and affect the way that your jacket fits.

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