Give Your Custom Suit An Upgrade With These Top Accessories

A good suit needs to be accompanied with the right accessories. However a poorly put together outfit can make even the best suit look terrible. Accessories For SuitsPairing your suit with the right accessories completes your look and adds style to your outfit.

Top men’s accessories for your suit include:

  • Tie
  • Pocket Square
  • Watch
  • Shoes

The tie that you decide to pair with your suit will depend on factors such as the kind of outfit that you will be wearing, the environment that you will be in, the time of day and the season. Bright or light colors, matte materials and bold patterns are best for casual affairs while dark colors, shiny silks and conservative patterns are better for a more formal setting. If the pattern is woven into the tie then it is typically considered slightly less formal than a tie with a printed pattern. Similarly, a tie with a small repeating pattern should be considered more formal than patterns such as stripes.

Many people consider the pocket square an indispensible tool for defining a man of style. While there is no steadfast rule for choosing a pocket square, it should complement your shirt and tie, but not match them. Pocket squares are available in several different fabrics and patterns. Fabrics such as chambray go with everything from a gray suit to a navy blazer. When wearing a pocket square keep in mind that it is a finishing touch and should not be the focal point of your outfit.

A watch is the most worn accessory piece by men. While many men don’t think about matching their watch to their suit, doing so can have a tremendous impact on your overall look. It is often the smallest details that can bring an outfit together or cause it to fall apart. When choosing a watch to match your suit, the color of the watch band should be a top priority. For custom made business suits, consider selecting a wristwatch with a band that matches the fabric that your suit is made from. In fact matching a watch to a custom suit is easier than accessorizing any other part of your outfit.

Your choice in shoes can say more about you than you might realize. When you need to make a good impression, the color and style of your shoes are equally important. When you match your shoes to your belt, it presents a well-tailored look and shows that you pay attention to details. Similarly, you will want to match your shoes with your suit. For example, classic suits pair well with black leather cap toe lace ups, wingtips or conservative loafers. Just remember, the shinier the shoe, the more formal it will appear.

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