Getting Your Wardrobe Ready For A New Season In DC!

The new season is right around the corner. Like most people, we are looking forward to a New Year with new adventures and beginnings. Your wardrobe should be no different! It’s a great idea to update and change your wardrobe as the New Year approaches! Here are four tips to help you get ready for it!

1.) Tis the season! Give your old clothes away! You should make a resolution to giveaway any and all clothes that you haven’t worn for two years or more. Chances are, if you haven’t taken the time to wear it in the past two years, you probably won’t be wearing it anytime this coming year. But don’t think it’s a loss to you! There are plenty of groups that welcome and need donations for the less fortunate. A few of these groups are: The Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, and more!
2.) Take inventory of what you have. Do you go out often? Do you host often? What do you wear and what works vs. what doesn’t? Think about your lifestyle and what you do often, how does your clothing work for you now knowing your lifestyle?
3.) Organize! Most closets are just in shambles. When you get back or get your clothes laundered, we always seem to be in a rush and we just toss things in the closet. Organize your closet section by section. Create groups and put them together. This will help you get a quick overview of what’s really in your closet!
4.) Keep Track! Monitor what you wear and what you don’t. This is the best way to know what outfits work for you in different scenarios and situations. More importantly, this will help as a guideline as to what to purchase in the future.

Now with all the extra room in your closet, and now knowing what works and what doesn’t work; call us today at 202-525-3391 so we can create a bespoke piece that works for you!