Bespoke Wedding Tuxedos

With busy professional schedules and the myriad of galas and formal events that grace the nation’s capitol, a Bespoke tuxedo that is stunning and perfectly fit is a must in every Washington gentleman’s closet. Since rented formal wear rarely looks as nice on as it does on the rack, investing in custom tuxes can ensure one looks great for the most important occasions. Especially amongst a sea of improperly fit tuxedos, custom-made formal wear is an investment that will pay for itself well into the future. Family owned and operated in the Washington DC metro area for over 35 years, Michael Thomas Clothiers knows the importance of stylish formal wear that has a flattering fit. Our skilled master tailors and stylists help clients customize a Bespoke tuxedo appropriate for their measurements and personal preferences. No matter if one wants traditional formal wear or something a more current, Michael Thomas’ superior attention to detail and expert measurements is unmatched by any clothier or retailer.


Custom Formal Wear That Suits Your Style

Whenever a special event is on the horizon, stunning fabrics and a perfect fit are key to looking one’s very best. Starting from the initial consultation, clients can feel comfortable knowing that Michael Thomas Clothiers’ will provide Bespoke formal wear that conveys an image of unparalleled style, success, and sophistication. Whether one is looking for a custom tuxedo that is classic or trendy, Michael Thomas Clothiers’ is committed to bringing the client’s vision to life. From the initial consultation and personal styling session to the day it is worn, our experienced staff works alongside the customer to understand their unique needs. With an enormous selection of luxurious fabrics and dynamic designs, our master tailoring services can create Bespoke formal wear that suits any style!

Tailoring Bespoke Tuxedos

Michael Thomas Clothiers believes that everyone should wear custom clothing that fit perfectly and are accompanied by superior detailing. Even if the Bespoke tuxedo was not made in our Washington DC showroom, our expert tailoring services can alter formal wear for a sophisticated look. Since all of our custom tuxedos are handmade in-house, Michael Thomas Clothiers can customize even the smallest; we can colorize and style everything from functional buttonholes to pic stitching to the client’s exact specifications. We’re so confident in our ability to measure and alter Bespoke formal wear, that Michael Thomas will tailor tuxedos purchased from other clothiers or department stores!

Design A Custom Tuxedo With A Stylist Today!

Armed with over three decades of experience in the fashion industry, Michael Thomas Clothiers knows what it takes to exceed customer expectations and provide a personalized experience. Our expert tailors craft each Bespoke tuxedo to the their client’s exact specifications, while opening them up to an enormous array of styling possibilities. Prepare for your special event and look your best by calling us today at 202-525-3391 for a free consultation. Clients will see right away that Michael Thomas Clothiers has a mark of quality that one couldn’t possibly afford to miss.