Formal Wear For Those Holiday Parties – Washington DC

These days, interpreting dress codes on invites for holiday this holiday season can be tricky at best. People are becoming more and more creative when addressing codes for parties, and the ensuing confusion only keeps growing exponentially. While we can’t control what hosts want you to wear to a party, we can give you some “Do & Don’t” ideas.

The most common mistake when picking out your wardrobe for the holidays is a literal interpretation of the holidays. Wearing any Christmas or holiday sweater with Santa, reindeer, or both is downright hokey, bulky and shapeless; just don’t do it. And don’t forget to leave the mistletoe at home, you’ll be at a holiday party so it’s sure to be there!

Wearing red and green together is not only unattractive, but too cliché. Wearing red or green is fine if these colors look genuinely good on you and you mix them with metallics and neutrals. The trick is to wear clothing that you could wear in any season for a party and invest in pieces that you will be able to wear more than once a year. Otherwise it’s just another Halloween outfit.

So since the literal interpretation of the holidays is out, what is a good idea to wear? The easiest way to interpret a code like “festive” is by mixing color and pattern with my old favorite standby, denim. Jeans absolutely work for a day or evening party in a casual setting. They can easily be dressed up or dressed down according to what you put with them. Try a brightly colored top with a pattern or some kind of visual interest, like a ruffle, that has a good fit on your top half.

Make sure you like the top with the jeans alone before adding a cute jacket to the outfit. How many parties have you been to where it is freezing outside and then 100 degrees inside the crowded party? Nine times out of 10 you will wind up with the jacket off, so make sure the top is a winner. Then find a jacket that really does pull the top and jean into something a bit more sophisticated. Look for a rich color that flatters your skin tone (jewel tones are good for every skin tone at any age), in a velvet or other rich fabric.

So this holiday season, let us fit you with something special for the holidays that you can wear more than just once! Call us today at 202-525-3391!