Fall Attire from Michael Thomas Clothiers Will Have You Looking Your Best

As we roll through fall and into winter, it is a great time to brush up on the latest trends and re-evaluate your wardrobe. The holiday season and the months to follow feature a number of events—fundraisers, galas, banquets, black-tie dinners, and more.

At Michael Thomas, our goal is to have you looking your best—no matter what the occasion may be.

We know how important your image is to you—and that’s why we are particularly proud of our fall attire this year. From top coats to flannel suits, from cashmere to tuxedos, we offer the hand-tailored clothing and accessories you need to look your finest.

Here’s what you need to know:

1) As formal events draw near, ensure that you have the perfect tuxedo for the occasion. At M.T. Clothiers, we can offer you a variety of looks—from a classic, understated appearance to a more modern style. It’s critical that your tuxedo perfectly fits your body, which is why we take detailed body measurements. Stop by and take a look at our latest offerings—you won’t believe how great you’ll look in your tuxedo this year.

2) As temperatures drop, a trendy topcoat will keep you warm while sending a distinctive message. Choosing the perfect topcoat is an art—and it can make or break your entire outfit. At Michael Thomas, we understand the importance of the first impression you create… and with our perfectly fitted and hand-tailored options, you’ll send a message of prestige, class, and exquisite taste.

3) The right suit still makes all the difference. As a professional, your day-to-day appearance has a substantial impact on your career success. Though many people don’t realize it, the quality and appearance of the clothing worn by an individual plays a substantial role in defining how he or she is perceived. And your environment matters—the proper attire in the world of finance is very different than in a prestigious law firm, for instance. We will help you choose the perfect suit for you and your workplace—and we’ll make sure that you create the right impression on coworkers, customers, and supervisors.

Does your wardrobe send the right message? Does it reflect your standing within the business and social community? Visit us today for a personal consultation—and make sure that your clothing positions you in the best possible light!