Fabric Fever – What’s Popular in Fine Style

Fine style is comprised of many aspects in fashion. Fabric selection, however, stands as one of the most defining elements of a well styled suit. The quality and texture of a fine fabric can make the wearer feel differently, stand differently, and interact with others in a way that sets him or her apart. Just as a luxury bridal boutique representative can select a dress that makes a bride-to-be blush with joy and radiate with beauty, so can a custom suit company make a professional raise their posture a notch above their peers. The perfection of a fabric’s quality and feel plays a key role in the feeling of distinction. Choosing the finest fabrics is an asset of Michael Thomas Clothiers. The skill of the staff, combined with the alluring feel of the clothing’s fabric, results in an explosive result that everyone notices.

Let’s talk specifically about the fabrics that M.T. Clothiers uses for their high style clients. The sophistication of this tailored suits showroom calls for nothing less than the best. So, M.T. Clothiers offers more than 5,000 luxurious fabrics from many of the world’s finest mills. The company’s owner travels across the globe to select and purchase materials from some of the professional dress industry’s top name fabric manufacturers.  Some of these prestigious companies include Zegna, Scabal, Vitale Barberis and Dormeuil.

The fabric types that Michael Thomas Clothiers chooses for their clients are personalized for the individual and the season. Suiting fabrics include either richly woven wool or a blend of both wool and cashmere together. To accessorize these excellent fabrics, the custom tailor selects shirts that are made from sea island cottons found in Italy and England.

Come explore the finest selection of fabrics yourself, and experience the staff’s superior knowledge and customer service by visiting our upcoming showroom at 1300 Eye Street NW, Washington D.C. 20005.

Also, meet Darrin Hawkins, of Eye Street Essentials, and learn about his 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in his concierge business (shoe care, dry cleaning and more).