Helping the environment can be as simple as making a few easy changes in your clothing habits. Go a little “green” when you buy, clean, and care for your wardrobe to help the earth.

At the Cleaners: Save the plastic bags and hangers when you pick up your dry-cleaning. Take them back on your next trip, to let your dry cleaners re-use disposable materials.

With your Clothier: Fashion trends come and go quickly, so wise tailoring can help you make the most of your clothing investments. When you have clothing tailored for your size and style rather than changing your look with every whim of the market, your clothing can last as long as the fabric does, so that you need to buy less.

At Home: Taking good care of your clothing means fewer trips to the cleaners. Be sure to hang your coat and trousers on the best hangers you have, and let your suit and shoes rest for a day between wearings.

Afterward: Many of us move on from an item of clothing because of a change in size or style. Give your old suits a second life by donating them to a thrift store or non-profit specializing in providing suitable interview outfits to job seekers.


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