Being well-dressed goes beyond purchasing fine clothing. Choosing the appropriate attire for events or business meetings is just as essential as having quality clothing to wear. On occasions when you’re unsure of the dress code, such as traveling to a different city or attending a new event, a few basic principles will ensure your ability to feel at ease.

When in doubt, simplicity is better. Conservative colors such as navy, gray, or black can be dressed up or down more easily than brighter tones. At most events, erring slightly on the side of dressiness is preferable to appearing too casual. Keep to classic choices on accoutrements, as excess items create a feeling of busyness rather than sophistication.

A great sport jacket and trousers can be paired with either a good sport shirt or a dress shirt and tie. High-quality shoes offer a similar level of flexibility. Completing your look with a pair of classic shoes with a coordinating belt allows you to create a wide range of ensembles-from nice jeans to great trousers to your favorite custom suit.

With care and forethought, the worry of assembling an appropriate ensemble can be eliminated, leaving you comfortable in any environment.

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