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From luxury natural fibers, to the finest yarns our clients have suits and sport coats made with this cloth because of the amazing way the cloth hangs on them.

Since 1842, the Dormeuil has sought out rare and precious fibers around the world, with the aim of weaving them into exceptional fabrics. The focus on discovery has been maintained through the generations and the search for the rare and precious is woven into Dormeuil’s history and into its fabrics.

170 Years Of Innovation

Dormeuil fits comfortably into the world of contemporary luxury, pioneering innovative cloths using the world’s finest and rarest natural fibers. Dormeuil  prides themselves on the integrity, attention to detail and excellence in their top quality fabrics. The Dormeuil name has been associated with the finest fabrics for men’s clothing of classic elegance and impeccable cut. The Dormeuil brand combines the British heritage of The House of Dormeuil with a sense of innovation, supported by years of experience and ever-increasing innovation.