Custom Tailored Suit for Your Son in Washington DC

We all now the old saying, “Kid’s grow like weeds”, there are certain times in a child’s life when they grow in spurts. With that in mind, it seems a little counterintuitive to pay extra for a custom-made suit for a kid. Why waste the money and have an extra expense of a custom suit they won’t fit for long and will grow out of?

When you compare an off-the-rack suit to a custom suit by Michael Thomas for your child, you will see why it is beneficial. Off-the-rack suits for boys just do not fit well. More often than not, they need extensive alterations, and they still don’t look very good and the fit is off, at best. By comparison, Michael Thomas suits for boys are made with the same care and fine materials as the suits made for adults. They will be guaranteed to look their best at weddings, events, etc.

Off the rack suits are expensive and cheaply made with little attention to detail. On the flip side, custom made suits for kids use less fabric and are actually more affordable than an adult’s custom suit; yet it will have the same quality and attention to detail and will withstand wear like the adult counterpart.

We have the ability to make the suits with extra fabric in the shoulders, arms, side and other areas. This will allow it to be let out as your child grows, and the suit will actually last for many years as it can grow with your child. This is something off-the-rack suits cannot do.

Treat your son to a custom suit, and not just an off-the-rack cookie cutter suit. Let us help you have him stand out and look his best! Call us today at 202-525-3391 to set up an appointment! We look forward to helping you and your son!