Custom tailored pants get a leg up on personal style. Today’s sophisticated consumer is concerned with how things look on him. Jeans, no matter the designer, aren’t enough. Custom trousers, with their emphasis on fit and tailoring, are the next logical step in a man’s evolution of style.

Distinguished for their hand-sewn details, custom trousers can touch every style from classic and sartorial cuts to more casual models. Custom trousers allow you to select bolder patterns and something interesting.  Fancier patterns like neat nailheads and subtle houndstooths, herringbones, checks, tweeds and Prince of Wales plaids expand the emphasis on fancy men’s wear patterns.  In addition to these great patterns, consider luxury gabardine, featherweight wools, even pinstripes.

The pendulum is swinging to dressier looks. A lot of people are starting to dress up at the office again.  Whether dress trousers or casual slacks, today’s renewed interest in dressier looks make custom trousers a stand up way to inject one’s wardrobe with style.


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