Formal Wear

When a special event is on the horizon and you want to look your very best, a tuxedo by M.T. Clothiers will convey an image of style, success and sophistication like no other. We can offer you a variety of designs, from the understated classic tuxedo to more current looks. Again, this will be an investment that you will appreciate for years to come.

Suits & Sportcoats

A custom-tailored suit is an investment that will pay you back for years to come. There are three secrets to a great suit – fabric, silhouette and bespoke details such as pic-stitching on the lapels. M.T. Clothiers offers you choices of many fine fabrics and ensures a precise fit and perfect silhouette by taking more than 20 measurements and photos.


M.T. Clothiers’ custom-made shirts are for the individual who insists on comfortable fit, superior fabric and attention to detail. Our fabric selection includes a vast array of Sea Island cottons from Italy and England in many hues. Our quality is recognizable — from the personalized monogramming to your choice of collar and cuff styles. M.T.


Your custom-tailored suits and garments are the foundation of your look; add some flare with unique and distinctive cufflinks, a vibrant silk tie or belt. M.T. Clothiers offers you an array of accessories that will complete your appearance, including handmade Italian silk ties in many colors. We would be pleased to help you find accessories that express your individual style.


A great pair of trousers must meet several expectations – a comfortable fit that is flattering and stylish. It’s not something easily found off the rack, but M.T. Clothiers guarantees our trousers meet all these criteria with our premium fabrics, our detailed measurements for a perfect fit, and a choice of distinctive designs.