Custom Tailored Suit for Your Son in Washington DC

We all now the old saying, “Kid’s grow like weeds”, there are certain times in a child’s life when they grow in spurts. With that in mind, it seems a little counterintuitive to pay extra for a custom-made suit for a kid. Why waste the money and have an extra expense of a custom suit they won’t fit for long and will grow out of? When you compare an off-the-rack suit to a custom suit by Michael Thomas for your child, you will see why it is beneficial. Off-the-rack suits for boys just do not fit well. More often than not, they need extensive alterations, and they still don’t look very good and the fit is off, at best. By comparison, Michael Thomas suits for boys are made with the same care and fine materials as the suits made for adults. They will be guaranteed to look their best at weddings, events, etc. Off the rack suits are expensive and cheaply made with little attention to detail. On the flip side, custom made suits for kids use less fabric and are actually more affordable than an adult’s custom suit; yet it will have the same quality and attention to detail and will withstand wear like the adult counterpart. We have the ability to make the suits with extra fabric in the shoulders, arms, side and other areas. This will allow it to be let out as your child grows, and the suit will actually last for many years as it can grow with your child. This is something off-the-rack suits cannot do. Treat your son to a custom suit,... read more
We’re Moving! Custom Tailor in Washington, DC

We’re Moving! Custom Tailor in Washington, DC

Our journey began more than 35 years ago when our founder and owner Tom Comeau saw a need for custom tailored executive clothing. Our beginnings were humble, we tailored to Washington DC’s prominent individuals in their homes and offices. Word of our talent, style, attention to detail, and second to none customer service began to spread all across DC like wild fire. In 2011, due to such demand, we opened our first showroom in the heart of DC to better serve our ever-growing clientele. With almost forty years of experience under our belts, we know clothing. Since 2011 our showroom has grown and thrived, and now it’s time to grow again and start a new chapter for Michael Thomas Custom Clothiers! On September 1st, 2017, we will be moving to: Columbia Square 555 Thirteenth Street, NW (Lobby Level East) Washington, DC 20004 Our new location will provide our clients with three separate seating areas. This will help us to ensure that each one of our clients will experience our famous concierge level service and treatment. We feel that no two people are the same, so why should your clothing be? We will spend as much time necessary with you, from initial measuring, until the last button is sewn on. Our location now also provides a greater all-around experience as well. We are now conveniently located above the Metro Center Station. Our showroom is inside the Columbia Square building next to the Warner Theater. We are proudly independently and family owned establishment that is both professional and welcoming. We don’t just make custom tailored suits, we create memories and experiences.... read more

Summer Wardrobe Tips: Get an Executive Look That Helps You Beat the Heat

Now that it’s summer, many may be feeling that their wardrobes are more limited. Once a new season hits, it’s inevitable that a large chunk of your wardrobe becomes obsolete. For summer especially it can feel as if you have nothing left to wear or at least very little compared to your winter or fall wardrobe. The question always is, how do you look professional without overheating in a suit? At Michael Thomas Custom Clothiers, we can help you by creating custom outfits that will keep you not only cool in the summer but remain professional and feeling at the top of your game. We know that looking your best can help you have confidence and feel great at work. That’s why we want to help you put your best sartorial foot forward this summer. 4 Ways to Stay Cool and Looking Great This Summer Embrace Breathable Fabrics Natural fabrics like cotton or linen breath more, allowing you to survive the wave of heat when you get into your car in the morning for work or navigate the hot streets of your city for lunch. These fabrics just feel less restrictive and allow for more airflow so why not use them for a tailored top or loose pant? Go with a Shorter Hemline This season, we recommend putting your longer skirts back into storage. Instead, we invite you to try a knee length pencil skirt or flowy mid-length skirt. That way you can beat the heat while still looking feminine and professional. Plus, remember that some extra tailoring can help add a professional and incredibly classy feel to any... read more

3 Reasons To Get A Custom Tuxedo For Your Wedding Day

If your wedding day is approaching, consider a bespoke tuxedo. Not only are custom tuxedos made to keep you comfortable all day long, but also can be reused for many years to come. Your bride will select her perfect gown for the big day – and you should choose a perfect tuxedo. Here are 3 reasons to choose custom tuxedos: 1. Keeps you comfortable Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life – and one of the longest. From preparations to transportation, the ceremony to the party… you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible. Wearing a custom tuxedo will ensure that you feel great in your clothes all day long. Comfort is the key to happiness in your tuxedo – and happiness is the key to a wonderful wedding day! 2. Showcase your style It’s more important than ever to be yourself on your wedding day. Why not showcase your individual style through a bespoke tuxedo? Enjoy your wedding day wearing clothes that represent you. Your bride has spent months (or even years) selecting the perfect dress – why shouldn’t you spend time selecting the perfect tuxedo? Bonus – unlike wedding gowns, custom tuxedos can be worn over and over again! 3. Reuse for many occasions New Years Eve, Charity Dinners and friends’ weddings are just a few occasions that may call for custom tuxedos. Custom tuxedos are a classic item that will last a lifetime. Try pairing your perfectly fit tuxedo with various bowties and dress shirts for a fun new look at your next formal party. Specializing in bespoke clothing for... read more

Beat the Autumn Chill with a Bespoke Topcoat

Summer has descended into autumn, and soon, a bespoke topcoat from Michael Thomas Clothiers will be your favorite closet staple. An overcoat is great for cold, winter days, but too heavy for the chill of early fall; that’s where we — and our topcoats — come in. These tailored coats are typically made from wool, cashmere or a blend of the two, and are meant to be worn over a suit. Prepare yourself for cooler days ahead with the purchase of a bespoke topcoat. But see, the problem with most topcoats found in men’s department stores: They’re often constructed of the wrong fabric, or they cost only marginally less than one that was custom made, just for you. Bespoke tailors use only the highest quality fabrics in order to create outerwear that will last. The fabric chosen for your bespoke topcoat should be warm, yet classic enough to stay fashionable year after year. Color and the pattern are equally as important as the weight. A rule of thumb: The more extravagant the pattern and color, the less useful the topcoat will be. An experienced tailor can assist you with your fabric selection. In a temperate region like the Washington, DC metropolitan area a topcoat will only be worn for a small portion of the year. If stored properly to maintain its shape, the coat should last for several years. In the market for a topcoat? Michael Thomas Clothiers offers quality bespoke topcoats, custom made for you.  The bespoke process involves a personal consultation, a closet evaluation, and a styling session. The special care we take to get to know... read more

Make That Custom Suit Yours with the Right Accessories

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and nothing makes a man look more sophisticated that a custom made suit. The right accessories infuse a bit of your own style and personality, and really make that custom suit yours. Choosing a classic suit, in a classic cut and color, will allow you to be a little more adventurous when it comes to men’s accessories, from socks to pocket squares, and cuff links to ties. A man must always be prepared; it is the Boy Scout way. If you’re still wearing socks that don’t match or, worse, white gym socks under that custom suit, thinking no one will notice, run; don’t walk to Michael Thomas Clothiers for an update. The wrong pair of socks can send the wrong message about your sense of style and character. Socks should be matched to your shoes, not your pants, and dark colors are always appropriate. Or maybe you’ll want to make a fashion statement — these feet are going places! — with a bold chevron or a graphic print. Whether your feet prefer to blend in or stand out, we have just the pair. A striking pocket square has the ability to give any jacket an added sense of style and sophistication. Available in numerous fabrics, colors, and patterns to suit a wide variety of tastes, a carefully selected pocket square creates a successful, well-dressed, finished look sure to set a man apart from his peers. Cufflinks should match your belt buckle and watch, but they should also reflect your own personal style. While formal occasions call for more classic... read more

Give Your Custom Suit An Upgrade With These Top Accessories

A good suit needs to be accompanied with the right accessories. However a poorly put together outfit can make even the best suit look terrible. Pairing your suit with the right accessories completes your look and adds style to your outfit. Top men’s accessories for your suit include: Tie Pocket Square Watch Shoes The tie that you decide to pair with your suit will depend on factors such as the kind of outfit that you will be wearing, the environment that you will be in, the time of day and the season. Bright or light colors, matte materials and bold patterns are best for casual affairs while dark colors, shiny silks and conservative patterns are better for a more formal setting. If the pattern is woven into the tie then it is typically considered slightly less formal than a tie with a printed pattern. Similarly, a tie with a small repeating pattern should be considered more formal than patterns such as stripes. Many people consider the pocket square an indispensible tool for defining a man of style. While there is no steadfast rule for choosing a pocket square, it should complement your shirt and tie, but not match them. Pocket squares are available in several different fabrics and patterns. Fabrics such as chambray go with everything from a gray suit to a navy blazer. When wearing a pocket square keep in mind that it is a finishing touch and should not be the focal point of your outfit. A watch is the most worn accessory piece by men. While many men don’t think about matching their watch to their... read more

How a Suit Should Fit: A Guide For Men in Washington DC

A suit that is well-fitted can showcase not only your keen fashion sense but also your attention to detail. A quality suit that is perfectly proportioned to its wearer’s silhouette is an investment that can last for many years. In order to figure out the proper fit for your suit you must know your measurements and have a thorough understanding of what looks are likely to become dated over time. For many individuals it is impossible to find the perfect suit off the rack. Off the rack jackets are typically sized based only on girth and whether the buyer is long or not. Pants are not available in half sizes although many people fall into these measurements. The best way to avoid common sizing problems is to get measured by an experienced tailor and have a custom suit made just for you. When figuring out the proper sizing for your jacket, remember that the length should allow for ¼ inch of exposed shirt cuff. If the jacket extends over the back of the hand then it is too long. The drape of the jacket should be fitted without any sagging in the front or a gap between the back of the collar. You should be able to button the jacket comfortably without any puckering or lifting of the lapels. Any creases around the waist indicate that the jacket is too small. To figure out the proper jacket body length, regardless of your body type, check to see if your knuckles are parallel with the bottom of the jacket. Additionally, if there is any padding in the jacket, make sure... read more

The Benefits of Custom Dress Shirts From An Expert Tailor

Almost every department store carries a wide variety of dress shirts in basic sizes. However, not everyone is built the same. It can take hours of searching to find the proper proportions to fit your body. In addition to size, the quality of the material used in standard dress shirts can be less than appealing. Fortunately, there are other options. Custom made dress shirts are specially designed and made just for you. When you order a custom dress shirt you get to choose the fabric, cuff style, collar as well as many other intricate details. The shirt is made according to your individual sleeve, waist, chest and collar measurements. Benefits of custom dress shirts include: -Completely personalized -Perfect fit -Increased value and quality Custom dress shirts can be completely personalized to suit your individual preferences. Every single detail of your dress shirt can be customized including the fabric, color, design, style, collar, cuff shape, pocket shape and buttons. When you have the freedom to choose the details of your dress shirt you gain the ability to build a distinctive and flexible wardrobe, making it possible to add your own personal style to every outfit that you wear. When you order a custom made dress shirt, your measurements will be taken in order to create a dress shirt that fits you perfectly. Precise measurements are taken of your collar size, sleeve length, yoke, chest, waist, hip, biceps, forearms and wrists. Allowances will be made for any characteristics that are difficult to quantify such as concave chest areas, sloping shoulder areas and roundness of the back. Attention to these intricate details... read more

Custom Bespoke Suits: Top Things to Consider Before Taking The Stylish Plunge

Bespoke suits are customized suits that are tailored to your unique specifications. When you purchase a bespoke suit you choose the fabrics, features and details of the suit and undergo several fittings in order to create a customized look that is made by hand specifically for you. The superior quality and fit of tailor made bespoke suits sets them apart from the standard suits available at most department stores. A bespoke suit requires an individually cut pattern. To create the pattern, measurements are taken in great detail. This ensures that the finished product has the perfect fit for your individual physique.  The pattern is retained for future use, even though your measurements will be rechecked for each suit purchased. This allows for variations in the size and style of each and every bespoke suit. When purchasing a bespoke suit, you will need to decide on the fabric. You will typically have your choice of several different types. An experienced bespoke tailor will be able to give you an idea of which fabrics will provide you with the best value. Because the weight and drape of the fabric is important to the overall fit of the suit, the style of suit that you choose will probably decide your fabric to some degree. Another factor to consider when purchasing a bespoke suit is the style of the suit. It is extremely important to select a style that compliments your height and proportions. Trying on different types of jackets can give you an idea of the ideal buttoning point, the most flattering lapel shape and the desired amount of wrap. Once your... read more