Bespoke Topcoats in Washington DC

When it comes to Men’s suit accessories, a wardrobe simply can’t be complete without a bespoke topcoat. Apart from the obvious of looking stylish and gentlemanly, it will greatly help in keeping you warm and dry in Washington D.C.’s not so tropical fall months.

Fleece coats from your typical retail store may keep you warm, but they only work for camping trips and outdoor activities; but at your office, in a meeting, or in any professional occupation (especially if you wear a suit), it makes you look like an amateur. Just like your bespoke suit, the only option is a bespoke topcoat to match from Michael Thomas Clothiers.

There are several characteristics to consider when creating a bespoke overcoat, first and foremost; fabric. If you plan to wear this coat for years to come, there is no substitute for wool. In general, heavier coats last longer because the fabric is more durable. On the flip side, cashmere coats are very nice, soft and warm; but they can show wear fast overtime if warn a lot. So, a popular alternative is a wool/cashmere blend. It is softer and warmer than wool, and last longer and shows less wear than your typical cashmere topcoat.

The next important characteristic to consider is the length and fit. The coat sleeves should completely cover both the suit sleeves and the cuffs, this way when you wear gloves, there will be no break between topcoat and gloves.

Traditionally, topcoats used to be fairly long, almost reaching your ankles. These were the choice of seasoned gentleman. Today, it’s most common to see them reaching just to the knee’s or just above. It is a convenient option, especially if you find yourself getting in and out of a car multiple times a day.

When it comes to the fit, remember, topcoats are made to be worn over a suit and not by themselves with a shirt.

If you’re ready to stay warm on these cool DC fall days and nights, call us today at 202-525-3391 to set up an appointment. Let your new bespoke topcoat make a statement!