Back For 2011: The Double-Breasted Jacket

The double-breasted suit has fallen out of favor in recent years. It tends to get associated with the 1980s and with Wall Street yuppies, and those particular looks aren’t particularly “in” anymore. Plus, AMC’s hit drama Mad Men has seen the rise of the minimalist, slim-fitting suits. But according to a recent article in GQ Magazine, the legendary look may be making something of a comeback, trying to shake off its image and appeal to a new generation of fashionable young men. Labels like J. Crew and Banana Republic, plus designers like Tom Ford, are coming out with 21st century double-breasted suits, so maybe it’s time to pay attention.

The article recommends that all readers should add this kind of suit to their wardrobe, saying “It’ll quickly become your go-to suit on days you want to get noticed.” It suggests a few hallmarks of the double-breasted suit, 2011 edition. Look for a peak lapel – it’s broader than most suits (which have a notch lapel), and sure to grab attention. Secondly, the lapel is wider than you’ll be used to from single-breasted suits, which might take some getting used to, but will definitely get the wearer noticed. Like with any jacket, you don’t want it to look boxy, so make sure that the broad shoulders neatly taper down to a narrow waist.

Proper tailoring is vital to pulling off this look – once you decide to go for it, don’t skimp on getting it done just right. The cut of the suit is also important – where the double-breasted jacket used to be fairly long, contemporary designers are keeping it short to keep it fresh. And you should always look for the classic, six-button suit, although shorter men may prefer four buttons. Regardless of the number of buttons, always remember the golden rule of suits: never fasten the bottom button.

The workplace is not the only place a well-dressed man can pull off the double-breasted look, though. A double-breasted sports coat is a great idea for someone less adventurous, who just wants to test the waters. You can downplay how formal the look is by pairing it with sneakers, or a well-fitting pair of jeans. Again, though, remember that this is an attention-grabbing look, so if you’re going to dress “down” in a double-breasted jacket, make sure every other component of your outfit is well thought out and equally impeccable.

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