At six feet tall I am never sure what length my suit jackets should be. Some fashion styles call for shorter jackets. What is the right length?

Most ready-made clothing manufacturers assume you wear a long if you’re six feet tall or more. If you’re one of those guys who measure right at six feet-or just over or under-it is difficult to know which length is correct. Your decision has to be based on the cut of the jacket and your own body proportions. If you’re selecting a suit, you have to take into consideration the fit of the trousers as well.

As a tailoring rule, the most flattering jacket length for each individual is that length that gives the wearer the longest leg line and still covers his buttocks. With custom tailoring we like to strike a balance between the upper and lower torso so you don’t look disproportionately long in the legs or appear that you are all upper torso and no legs.