Make an Impression: The Right Accessories Will Take Your Wardrobe From Good to Great

Why bother investing time and money into the perfect wardrobe? There are a number of answers to that question. To many of our clients, dressing well is a way for them to represent their powerful social or business position. For others, it is a way to impress those around them. But whatever your reason for dressing well, one thing is certain: the goal is to stand out from the crowd, not blend in. Whether it is creating a strong first impression at a networking event or a cocktail party, or consistently dressing well at the office in order to create a positive perception of yourself, it’s important that you pay attention to every detail of your appearance. For that reason, it’s critical that you think about more than just the basics of your suit or your outfit. That’s right, we are talking about accessories… because it is accessories that have the power to truly take your look to the next level. Now, the idea of finding the right accessories for every outfit may sound intimidating—but we’ll be here to help walk you through the process. Take a look at this picture on From your hat to your shoes, accessories offer the opportunity to accent your outfit and truly make it memorable. Below are some of our favorite accessories: 1)     Pocket squares. The right pocket square will add the perfect touch of color, style, and class to your jacket. 2)     Socks. Socks are often ignored, but they can undermine your entire outfit if you choose the wrong pair. 3)     Watches. The right watch will add class and sophistication to... read more

It’s Not Science Fiction: Michael Thomas Clothiers Has Combined Technology with High Fashion for the Ultimate Client Experience

As our clients know, at Michael Thomas Clothiers, we are always in search of the next breakthrough that will make life easier for our clients. Whether it is dedicating hours each week to studying the latest fashion trends from around the world or spending time with a client to ensure that he is thrilled with his new wardrobe, we spare no efforts when it comes to the client experience we provide. And we know you’ll love our most recent innovation! Imagine this: it’s time for a new wardrobe, and you visit our store. But rather than spending hours taking your measurements and trying on outfits, you have the ability to see your garment in your chosen style and fabric, and then create the look you desire. Not only are you able to ensure that you get exactly the look you are hoping for, but you’re able to do it in a fraction of the time and without the inconvenience of trying on item after item. Does this sound like science fiction? At Michael Thomas Clothiers, it’s not fiction—it’s reality. We’d love to show it you personally, so consider this an invitation to our brand new showroom. We offer meticulously hand-tailored clothing, and our virtual imaging technology allows you to see your garment in your chosen style and fabric before we ever take your measurements. Whether you are looking for a slim cut for a modern look or our basic traditional cut we have luxurious fabrics with personalized details to capture your individual style. And our virtual imaging technology allows you to examine every possible combination before settling on the... read more

Spring is Just Around the Corner: Is Your Wardrobe Ready?

In a matter of weeks, the weather will begin to warm—and spring fashion will be on display. Are you ready? At Michael Thomas Clothiers, we know how important it is that your wardrobe reflects your position and your accomplishments. We’re always keeping our eyes open, looking for trends in the fashion world so that we can keep you up to date. As the spring season approaches, here are several highlights (via to keep an eye on. Come in and see us today to learn more! Canali: No group of people get flair and elegance better than our friends the Italians. And there aren’t many suiting lines more italiano than Canali. This season, they amped things up with bold, head-turning colors—pink, magenta, royal purple—and cranked out blazer after blazer with not one, or two, but five buttons. And for the more traditional guys out there, they kept things simple with beautiful powdery-gray, two-button suits that just about any guy can look chic in. Calvin Klein: Designer Italo Zucchelli continues to explore what it means to be designing in the 21st century. The feel this season is sporty and relaxed, with full-cut, reverse-pleated pants and Dolph Lundgren-y, bicep-revealing (ck) shirts, all accented by a white and gray color scheme that meets electric yellows and seafoam greens on the other side of the spectrum. Giorgio Armani: Armani opened everyone’s eyes back in the ’90s when he snipped the shoulder pads out of his suits and created a softer shape in his jackets. This season, he’s exploring that breakthrough again—in his usual palette of navy and gray and white and black—while sticking... read more

The Power of the Perfect Wardrobe

At Michael Thomas Clothiers, we have been in business for over 35 years. As you can imagine, during that time we have provided service for thousands and thousands of clients. As a result of this extensive experience, we have realized a profound truth: the clothing that professionals wear has great significance—and not just in making them look good. Indeed, the right wardrobe has the power to change your life. Below are four examples that we have seen over and over again: 1) The right wardrobe inspires self-confidence. Henry Ford once said that “if you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” The message is clear—believing in yourself is essential for achieving success. At MT Clothiers, we have seen the impact that the right wardrobe has on an individual’s self-confidence. When an individual knows that he or she looks fantastic, their self-confidence soars. They become more comfortable and more sure of themselves—and as a result become more effective at work and in life. 2) The right wardrobe sends a powerful first impression. Whether it is a job interview, a business meeting, or a social event, sending the right first impression is critical… and the right outfit plays a crucial role in creating this impression. Your outfit can help you to appear sophisticated, powerful, and tasteful… but it can also create the impression that you are sloppy, unprofessional, and unmotivated. What type of first impression do you want to make? Visit Michael Thomas Clothiers and let us make you look your finest! 3) The right wardrobe dramatically increases professional success. What determines the career potential of an individual? Certainly... read more

Land the Job of Your Dreams: How to Ace the Interview

The start of 2012 represents a fresh opportunity—and for many, the most important goal is simple: secure a great job. Whether you are a recent graduate, are switching careers, or are simply biding your time waiting for the right opportunity, the New Year offers an opportunity to start the process on the right foot. Of course, one of the most critical elements of the job hunting process is the first interview. A job interview represents an opportunity to make a great impression and to demonstrate your skills, abilities, and fitness for the job in question. Today, we are going to share several valuable tips to help you excel during your job interviews. As you probably know, it’s essential that you look your best for your job interview. Your clothing speaks volumes about you—and actually creates your first impression before you have the opportunity to say a word. A perfectly fitted suit inspires confidence and shows your interviewer that you are a consummate professional. On the other hand, showing up to an interview dressed unflatteringly will drastically harm your chances of securing a second interview. The team at MT Clothiers has the ability to make you look your absolute best. Don’t even think about attending an interview without coming to see us first! In addition to looking your best, below are four tips to help you ace the interview process: 1) Budget as much time as necessary to ensure that you show up early. The worst possible way to start a job interview is by showing up late. In many cases, you’ll lose your chance to interview—and even if you... read more

Stand Out from the Crowd: Dress for Success

Once upon a time, any American could achieve the life he or she had always dreamed of. The formula was simple: study hard in high school, graduate from college, get a great job in an industry you love… and from there, the world was yours. Nowadays, it’s not quite so simple. The economy has been stagnant for more than two years now. Credit card and student loan debt levels have skyrocketed. And most devastatingly, professionals and college graduates have been unable to secure the jobs they expected to find available. Skyrocketing unemployment has ratcheted up competition for entry-level jobs—but also for the more prestigious positions that many professionals desire. As the pool of qualified candidates for employment continues to rise, it can be harder and harder for individuals to stand out. Therefore, it is more important than ever for professionals to leverage every point of differentiation that is available to them. And one of the most significant points of differentiation can be the way that you are dressed. Dressing in a manner that reflects your abilities, your commitment, and your ambition will separate you from others in your industry. At Michael Thomas, we understand the importance of the impression you create. We understand that your appearance may be the factor that determines whether or not you land your dream job—or get the promotion you have been chasing for years. That’s why we spare no efforts to ensure that your image positions you in the best possible light. We offer meticulously hand- tailored clothing and accessories in luxurious fabrics. We take detailed body measurements, which ensure that Michael Thomas Clothiers’... read more

Back For 2011: The Double-Breasted Jacket

The double-breasted suit has fallen out of favor in recent years. It tends to get associated with the 1980s and with Wall Street yuppies, and those particular looks aren’t particularly “in” anymore. Plus, AMC’s hit drama Mad Men has seen the rise of the minimalist, slim-fitting suits. But according to a recent article in GQ Magazine, the legendary look may be making something of a comeback, trying to shake off its image and appeal to a new generation of fashionable young men. Labels like J. Crew and Banana Republic, plus designers like Tom Ford, are coming out with 21st century double-breasted suits, so maybe it’s time to pay attention. The article recommends that all readers should add this kind of suit to their wardrobe, saying “It’ll quickly become your go-to suit on days you want to get noticed.” It suggests a few hallmarks of the double-breasted suit, 2011 edition. Look for a peak lapel – it’s broader than most suits (which have a notch lapel), and sure to grab attention. Secondly, the lapel is wider than you’ll be used to from single-breasted suits, which might take some getting used to, but will definitely get the wearer noticed. Like with any jacket, you don’t want it to look boxy, so make sure that the broad shoulders neatly taper down to a narrow waist. Proper tailoring is vital to pulling off this look – once you decide to go for it, don’t skimp on getting it done just right. The cut of the suit is also important – where the double-breasted jacket used to be fairly long, contemporary designers are keeping... read more

Meet the Man Behind the Suits: Tom Comeau

Who is Michael Thomas Clothiers? A highly esteemed clothing company that suits men and women up in “a wardrobe that reflects who you are.” The company’s tag line says a lot, but it doesn’t say it all. Michael Thomas Clothiers is also defined by the expertise, sophistication and prestige of the man behind the business – Mr. Tom Comeau. Simply stated, Tom Comeau’s educational background in fashion design, work experience in the high-style retail industry and his comprehensive training with master tailors makes him the perfect fit to help you find your perfect fit. But Tom is far from simple, so a simple summary of his background will not suffice. The man behind the suits began his path studying custom clothing at the Men’s Retail Association, followed by Hart Shaffner Marx factory in Chicago. His educational pursuit of fine clothing took him to Mongtomery College next, to obtain a degree in Fashion Design. Finally, Tom became a Fashion Merchandiser, certified by the Menswear Retailers of America. He further built his expertise by training closely with master tailors at Raleigh’s Haberdasher, where he perfected his skills in styling and design, and quickly began winning the recognition of widespread awards. Tom’s extensive experience offers customers 35 years of tailoring and fashion mastery. Having started in show sales as a teenager, Tom grew to love the fashion industry for its ability to provide customers with an unparalleled cut, style and fit that’s designed with the buyer’s personality and lifestyle in mind. For Tom, it was love at first fitting. Fabrics, colors, trends… fashion has maintained a central stronghold on Tom’s heart throughout... read more

Announcing: Professional Clothier Showroom

Washington DC’s Eye Street NW will not be the same soon. It will be more predominantly marked by dashingly dressed gentlemen and strikingly sharp women. The image of those walking on Eye Street will soon step up a notch in refinement, after the much anticipated opening of the new Michael Thomas Clothiers showroom. Michael Thomas Clothiers and Eye Street Essentials are proud to announce the grand opening of our new custom clothing Showroom. The opening will be a special moment in the company’s history and a welcomed expansion for our established and loyal clients. Opening at a prime location – 1300 Eye Street NW, Washington D.C. 20005 – this M.T. Clothiers retail store will provide the city’s most savvy professionals with their wardrobe that will draw the attention they deserve, and turn the heads that they want. From 8:00am until 6:00pm, Monday through Friday, and by appointment on weekends, we will be stepping up the city’s attire, one client at a time. At Michael Thomas Clothiers, we offer one-of-a-kind service and superior products in tailored men and women’s custom clothing, and so much more. Not sure where to start? Begin with a personal image and wardrobe consultation. You won’t find one that measures up nearly as well as this store’s. Our family-owned business has accrued years of expertise, boasting a lifetime of clothing mastery, collectively among the two generations. Are you interested in more of a simple touch-up? Try the Michael Thomas Clothiers valet shoe and hand bag repair, valet dry cleaning, valet shoe shine, or alterations services. The variety of our service is unmatched in the areas of expertise, talent... read more