A Professional Wardrobe Carries Its Own ROI

Bespoke Suit DCAlthough most of us typically determine ROI when we’re at the office, it is easy to forget that the same rules apply to our everyday expenses as well. One of the best examples is in one’s professional wardrobe, as what one dons between 9-5 can truly be an asset to boosting business. In that way, maintaining a stylish wardrobe should really be considered more of an investment than an expense.

It is important to be aware of how one’s wardrobe impacts the way they’re seen by the world. In less than half a second, people develop judgments upon one’s appearance. Whether it be a coworker, client, or someone professionally senior, each person will make a quick assumption of one’s worth, success, and capabilities simply by what they’re wearing. Therefore, putting forth a positive, polished image can single-handedly help one establish trustworthiness and credibility in a fast-paced business environment like Washington DC.

This can apply to nearly anyone, as one’s wardrobe can be extremely influential when applied in the right way and can help one garner greater professional and personal success as well. After all, when one is dressed well they not only feel confident, but they act confident. According to an article in the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, “In a controlled experiment we explored whether Bespoke Shirts DCa minor manipulation of a man’s clothing (the cut of the suit) would influence judgments and found that the bespoke suit consistently produced more positive impressions than a similar off-the-rack suit.

The idea that a suit for work can be any old suit it not only a flawed way of thinking, but also scientifically disproven. Instead, a Bespoke suit in DC can convey qualities such as competence, sociability, and character without the wearer every speaking one word. Often times, it can be a major factor in closing large business details; people always want to interact professionally with those they respect personally.

With summer 2014 upon us, now is the time to give your closet a makeover and up your professional wardrobe. The experienced master tailors and stylists at Michael Thomas Clothiers understand how important a presenting the best professional image is, and are here to assist clients in choosing a Bespoke suit and sport coat that suits their personality, fit and budget. Find out what returns your closet can have for you professionally and call the Michael Thomas team at 202-525-3391 for a free consultation today!